Deluxe Spa Set



This Deluxe Spa Set contains all the accessories needed to pamper and rejuvenate, packaged in an easy to carry tote bag with canvas trim.

Why not go all out and really bring the beauty spa into your own home with this deluxe set. Includes everything you need to feel fresh and fabulous. Treat yourself or treat another, this deluxe set makes a perfect gift that is sure not to disappoint.

The Deluxe Spa Set Includes:

  • Pumice stone – For the luxury of a pedicure at home; to remove dry and excess skin from the bottom of the foot as well as calluses.
  • Mesh sponge – Gently stimulates circulation while removing dead skin for revitalized, refreshed skin every day.
  • Wood massager – An inexpensive treat for yourself, this natural wood massager will comfort those tired, tense muscles.
  • Wood nail brush – leave finger and toe nails nice and clean. Great for gardeners!
  • Wood hair brush – to leave hair smooth and silky.
  • Small round facial loofah – great with any face wash or soap to gently exfoliate your skin.
  • Body loofah – great for all over exfoliation.
  • Massage strap – relax those tense muscles. Specially designed to exfoliate and clean the back and shoulders.
  • Wood file for smoothing rough skin.

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