They Dreamt It.  They Built It.  They Loved It.

Laura, MD  

My mom loves the picnic tote you created for Mother's Day! Brooke and Brian gave us great ideas, and knew just the right combination. I will definitely be buying from them again!

Mimi, New York, NY

B. Sweet made a basket for my very good friend to congratulate her on her newborn baby girl! My experience was easy, what they created was adorable, convenient and affordable !! All of the things you would want and with the ease of someone else putting it all together and making it look awesome! Thanks so much !

Lindsay, Scotch Plains, NJ

The products were amazing and high quality but it was really their creativity that blew me away!  I recently ordered a housewarming basket for a friend and B. Sweet made it so easy.  I told them some of the preferences of the recipient and they were able to use their own expertise to put together a fabulous basket, all while staying within my price range!  They even added a toy for my friend's new baby boy.  Thank you for making my experience a great one!

Raha, Washington, D.C.

I just ordered a basket for my cousin who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!  The final product looks so amazing and it was so easy to pick and choose the gifts.  I was able to personalize it for the newborn baby and his older sister.  The products are all so wonderful, I can't wait to create another basket soon!  Thank you B. Sweet!

Tamara, MD

Thank you B. Sweet!! I was looking for the perfect wedding gift for my brother-in-law and knew I wanted it to be both unique personal. I immediately thought of B. Sweet! Brooke was extremely helpful and accommodating and helped me build the perfect gift.  I gave her a theme and she gave me so many options that I would have never even thought of! It was so quick and easy and the finished product was beautiful! If you are looking for a custom, unique gift, I highly recommend B. Sweet!!

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