We are Brooke and Brian, a husband and wife team, the “B” in “B. Sweet,” the heart and soul of this company. It has taken our knowledge and experience in the fields of speech-language pathology (8+ years) and marketing (20+ years), innate creativity, and a yearning to create something truly awesome, to get us here today.

What sets B. Sweet apart? 

B. Sweet is a fresh take on the gift-giving experience, where the end user can create a gift basket from the ground up.  Let’s just put it out there right now, our baskets are probably not what you initially think of when you think “basket.”  We decided to offer something very different compared to what you might find on other gift basket sites.  The basket you initially choose, will pretty much serve as a gift in itself.  Imagine filling up a summer picnic tote complete with a 4-piece place setting or a 32-can rolling cooler with a built-in speaker.  Imagine a floor bin adding a burst of color to that room in your home that just needed something extra, or even sporting a new gym bag.  Do you think you would just chuck that basket aside, or keep it for years to come?  We think the latter, but we will let you decide.


Our mission is to keep up with the most innovative products on the market so that you are continually seeing fresh ideas.  Offering a variety of top brands including New Balance, Little Standout, Globetotters, Munchkin, Melissa and Doug, and Brookstone (just to name a few) allows B. Sweet to provide you with some of the best products available.  In addition, we are excited to announce our partnership with a mother-daughter team who created “Oh Bessie!” an adorable children’s line featuring original clothing and artwork. 


Given Brooke's experience as a pediatric speech language pathologist, this idea has also grown to include a focus on child development.  If you are looking for a gift for a specific age group, we have made it easy for you.  Be sure to click on “details” to learn more about the products themselves, which will include target ages and areas of development (i.e., speech and language, imaginative play, cognition, etc.)  These details may be especially important for you to know when purchasing a gift for a child with special needs.  If you have a specific question or would like some ideas, feel free to  contact and she would be happy to help you build your perfect gift basket!

How creative can you get?

Let’s think out of the box for a minute.  Babies are awesome (obviously), but let’s face it, once that baby has arrived (or well before then) new parents are no longer thinking about themselves.  In that case, why not put together a custom gift basket to help them get through their sleepless nights?  How about including a Brookstone automatic wine opener, a cozy blanket, some spa products, and a ready-t0-go cupcake mix, in a nifty toy bin that could also double as a hamper? LOVE IT.   


We understand that for some of you, the DIY (Do It Yourself) thing just may not be your thing, and that’s 100% OK. We have you covered! You can find a variety of “stock baskets” on our website featuring products we have pre-selected. You can still personalize one by adding in your own color fill and message, or you can simply leave it up to us. In addition, if you need assistance choosing products or would like to design something on a grander scale, we can do that as well. Please contact for completely custom basket designs.  


Here at B. Sweet, if you can dream it, you can build it, and we know you are going to love it! Our goal is to make the world a little bit sweeter and someone’s day a little bit brighter, one gift basket at a time. Take the time to B. Sweet TODAY and order your gift basket for that someone special.  We promise to deliver or your money back, guaranteed.